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Thread: PS3 YLOD with CFW 3.55 not by overheating help?

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    Natepig Guest
    The thing that bugs me about my situation with my 60gb is the fashion of the ylod. It was working fine, then installed geohot 3.55, crash then only powers on for 2 seconds. There was no noticable steady decline before goehot 3.55 and from what I am reading, this is not an isolated incident.

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    ga114 Guest
    if its happened strait after flashing it could very well be the firmware that's causing the issue.

    my friends friend had a very similar problem, only he updated from firmware 1.something to original v3.55

    he's never had the ps3 online since he bought it -no wifi-, also he used the USB method.

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    Natepig Guest
    I'm going to send my 60gb's mother board to be professionally reballed and will see once and for all if its hardware or software.

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    Bulion Guest
    You can try downgrade to 3.41. If it help you mess up something.

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    meistermacher1 Guest
    you have bricked your ps3 i have the same problem with one 60 gb and one slim and factorymode dont work !

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    subzerosv Guest
    i have a similar problem right now, ps3 40gb NO-BC, started to freeze after 2 days with CFW 3.55, Coincidence? i don't think so. i rarely use it, in fact the last 2 days was most of the time in the xmb. Mine turns on about 10 seconds, sometimes i manage to reach the system settings but then it turns off.

    What i hate is i can't re-install the official firmware because the damn thing got freeze or turn off.

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    pckilla Guest
    fat system : flip the on/off switch to off then hold down on the eject button then flip it back on don't let go of the eject button until u hear the fan
    slim system : unplug ur system press down on the eject button , then plug it back in do not let go until u hear the fan
    then turn it off after a few seconds or so

    if the fan does not turn on then the short is there . most common the wire came off while being moved from place to place. over time the wire will come loose do to usage and because of the way the connection is

    this is the fastest way to see if the short is there without opening it. the ps3 without the fan over heats the motherboard within 10 seconds and u cant tell by touching the system.

    all the connections are made poorly due to the cost of the system they had to cut corners somewhere.

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    subzerosv Guest


    In my case with the "fan test" (The first method you mention), the fans go high speed, then suddenly turns off and blinking red light.

    Normal Usage: When the PS3 starts the fan go very slowly, they barely work... then after 10 seconds aprox. red blinking light.

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    SpeedRacerTJ Guest


    One of my friends had the exact same problem as listed. All he did was just buy a new one instead. I have the fat model and i haven't had any problems with it. Since I bought a PS3 intercooler fan for it. It can runs for hours and never over heats.

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    scousetomo Guest

    good luck bro

    my friend reflows for 50 pounds someone has more than likely heat gunned the arse out of yours mate i'd expect 3 months warranty or a free repair in that time as that's what he offers.

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