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Thread: PS3 YLOD with CFW 3.55 not by overheating help?

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    Natepig Guest
    I had a problem with ylod and a 60gb unit. I installed geohot cfw and once I clicked the install pkg icon it froze and ylod. I know that its said that ylod is a hardware problem but I'm convinced that mine is software induced.

    Cjpc how easy is it for someone with experience to repair a badly damaged connector on the motherboard. The one that the logic boards ribbon connects to. Its not just the clip that is broken some of the contacts are broken

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    dukecity420 Guest
    I just repaired my YLOD again. From what I have read, it seems that reflowing the processors works less and less each time. I am planning on getting it reballed soon, but was wondering if anyone had recommendations of who to go with. Ebay has a few people who claim they can do it, but I still want to hear from you guys and gals.

    Kenzu - I would recommend you get it reballed if you can afford it. If not, have your friend reflow it one more time. I am curious to know how many times it has been reflowed. My first time worked for 50 days. If it is related to the HDD, I read that pulling the HDD and reseating it could fix it. I do not know of an easy way to trouble shoot the powersupply, short of swapping it with a known good one.

    Natepig - If you ave a good miniature soldering station, then you may be able to just solder the cable in, but that would take some skills. How did it get messed up? Without knowing which connector it is, it is hard to gauge. I am curious to see a pic of the problem, if you have one.

    Word of caution to anyone attempting to repair their PS3: Be careful and watch several videos about taking the PS3 apart first. I recommend a youtube video by DJWetzel or something like that. He has a 3 part video and even shows ow to put it back together. Remember that there are several models, and each one varies slightly. The repair can be done by someone with moderate skill, but do your research first.

    Again, I hope we can share some info and stories about self repairs and reputable/reliable people who do the repairs.

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    Natepig Guest
    It's where the ribbon from the bluray logic board meets the motherboard. I broke the clip by mistake then, trying to do a diy fix on it, I damaged some of the metal contacts.

    How long does reballing last for on average?

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    enohand Guest
    i for one have to disagree, about it just due to overheating... my ps3 (launch 60gb, RARLEY played, only used to stream stuff from pc)

    always worked fine, then when i jailbroke it, all was still fine, but 1 day i turnt it on , but didnt have the dongle in it, then turned it off real quick, put the dongle in, & then powered it up & applied the JB...

    well about 5-10 mins into watching a "its always sunny in philadelphia" episode, it turned off & starting beeping.

    so far, this is the 6th 60gb that has died almost right after JBing it... i wonder if somthing (probally HW for ps2 games) getts messed up after JB...

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    Natepig Guest
    Are you able to start it up at all? Mine shut of then won't power up for more than 3 seconds.

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    dukecity420 Guest
    When mine first YLOD, it would power up for less than 10 seconds then shut off. It did that for a few times then quit working altogether. I reflowed it and it worked for 50 days. I have a launch 60gb ps3 that has had heavy usage over the last 4 years. It was caked with fine dust inside around the fan, even though I kept it as dust free as I thought I could on the outside.

    As far as the JB coincidence, I think it is just that. Look at how many people use the JB and do not get a YLOD.

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    lastowl Guest
    i had the same problem, i think firmware updates are intensive. also remember ylod repairs aren't a permeant fix ylod'd consoles will re-ylod again quicker than a console which never has before.

    Another ylod repair fixed my problem

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    joffe Guest
    Guys, you always should consider to use fluxer when fixing YLOD with heatgun. Otherwise solder remains brittle and the fix will not last very long. Here you can see how to apply fluxer correctly:

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    enohand Guest
    no one seems to understand what im saying... i know at least 3 people personaly that have launch 60gb models, that were RARLEY used, & they all YLOD including mine, about 1-2 days after Jailbreaking.

    it seems weird that only 60gb launch modles with the BC hw chips in them are the ones dying...

    what i'm suggesting, is that during the JB process, somthing goes a-rye with the 60gb, & eventually they die.

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    joffe Guest
    so, how about trying to fix the YLOD the classic way and see whether that works. If that is the case then obviously JBing causes overheat due to softwareload where part of kernel or syscon is not aware of thus not increasing fan speed - just an idea.

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