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    imrock Guest

    PS3 YLOD again, please any suggestions?

    hello ppl,

    I followed gilsky's awesome tutorial and fixed it but it YLOD'd again after 2 days. I had taken very good care and did not let it heat up (the fan never made loud noise) but I think it happened again because I used a cheap thermal compound.

    So my question is should I buy arctic silver 5 and the lead free flux to reflow my PS3 again? Will it work at least an year or so if i don't let the fan go to higher speed at all. Or is it just a temporary fix for a mere few months and i will have to eventually send it to sony? I had searched before posting and a few ppl said that the fluxing improves the longevity but I want to know how much??

    Also, even after fixing the YLOD issue the first time, i did not hear my system beep (at startup, shutdown, eject etc), is that related or just some part not worth noticing??

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    shummyr Guest
    you can reball the unit, but that is the only permament fix aside from sending it to sony, everything else is just tempoary.

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    imrock Guest
    well, re-balling is something which i cannot do and will be better off sending it to sony, but with so many ppl with ylod problems and gilsky's tut so famous, does it work for such a less span of time?? I mean he shd state that before showing that reflowing will work for maximum of a months time or so, that means all the ppl who got ylod had to eventually buy a new one?

    there should be something i am missing..

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    it is possible that it will work for some weeks, it will work but you really should consider buying a new one.. you can spend more trying to fix it.

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    imrock Guest
    Yup, that's it I am done playing around and finally getting a new slim version.

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