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Thread: Ps3 YLOD again

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    DarkArchon Guest

    Exclamation Ps3 YLOD again

    Hey guys, I asked the forums awhile back about how to fix the YLOD problem. I followed the tutorial and it did solve my problem of the ps3 not turning on. I thought that taking my ps3 out of the little cupboard i had it sitting in would maybe prevent this from happening again. About maybe a month later, same thing happened again, YLOD. Im not really sure what the problem would be, as it might be that the fan isn't working anymore.

    I was contemplating buying an intercooler from somewhere to maybe help prevent it happening a third time (when i get round to fixing it again) or perhaps replace the fan. Has anyone had this problem repeating, and what was your fix (if any) from preventing it happening subsequent times.

    Thanks guys, i appreciate any help as i dont wanna fix it yet until i know its going to work perminately. BTW i have an original 60gb (with backwards compatibility), so i want to avoid buying a new ps3 or sending it away to get fixed (replaced motherboard might not have the bc chip).

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    nidhazzaar Guest


    Hi there!

    You should look on your motherboard and check if there are any bad capacitors. Before a capacitor gets fried it begins to swell and even to leak. Look also for burned chips on your MB. Capacitors can easily be changed, they have tech specifications written on them and you can buy new ones.

    Another thing you should do and i think THIS is gonna solve your problem: check the thermal paste!! See if the paste has become solid and change it with a better one. I reccomend Arctic Silver 5 - High Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound.

    Tell me how things go after you do this.

    Best of luck mate!

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    XVISTAMAN2005 Guest
    I'm sorry to say there is no fix that is going to ensure that it will not happen again. The whole problem is the BGA ball grid array on either the cell or rsx chip. Heat guns will fix the problem temp, but they are the wrong solution. you need to reflow or reball the rsx chip. Reball is the best solution but reflow could last a while too. I offer both serivces and could help you out if you like. But if you are looking for a guaranteed fix there is not one other than replacing your motherboard.

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    playforfun Guest


    Interesting, i have 2 PS3.. my first (a 60go with ps2 compatible) have this problem and it's a exelent new if i can fix it

    if i find someone have skill for fix it, i want to test it.

    thanks, you make me hope for back in life my first and best console.

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