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Thread: PS3 XMB screen discolored help?

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    raa1 Guest

    PS3 XMB screen discolored help?

    I m having some prob in my ps3.

    When i open my ps3 some time while in the XMB menu i see discolor in a small part of the screen or like a Bar of discolor. not always bt sometimes

    today when i 1st opened it it showed this prob in the ps3 boot up and XMB menu and this time Many Bars not 1. then it got OK again.

    note# i never face this prob when i m playing games

    my ps3 is a 120gb slim. plz, guys Help me PLZ

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    racer0018 Guest
    Post a picture of what it is doing. Also make sure the cables are hooked up correct and if you have a spare hdmi cable you could try that. Thanks.

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    raa1 Guest
    i really would if i could, it comes so unexpected that i cant react to take picture. i will try with different cables and will see if i can give some more info

    BT i hope this prob doesn't show again

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    racer0018 Guest
    Is it still doing it. Thanks.

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