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    StanSmith Guest

    PS3 XMB edit help?

    Is anyone good at editing the XMB XML files? I'm using Habib 4.50.3 but it'll work for any CFW after 4.30 (I think its 4.30)

    What I'm after is the PSN tab to have everything removed except for Trophies. I have other things there and dont want to see HOME, and PSN Store and PS+ etc in there, just what I put there and Trophies.

    I"m no good at editing the XML files so asking for someone else who is good at that to do it.


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    wunderkind Guest
    it is not very hard to understand the basic structure, only the special functions maybe. i would recommend notepad++, which handles alot of fileformats. there you have an option to expand or collapse trees, which makes the edits easier and more clearer. i have started with comparing different xmls and of course the entries, which rebug have done with their package manager.

    but these xml edits accompany rco edits, where you have to put names and descriptions. for normal xmb entries you have to edit explore_plugin_full.rco and for ingame you have to edit each corresponding explore_category_xyz.rco.

    i, for myself have shifted each category to others, but this is very limited ingame xmb. the problem about this is, each category has predefined modules and resources, which you cannot find in others

    if you still have problems, i can take a look though. now i have took a look on 4.50 ofw xmls and have found some entries which sony have put newly there. there are now null entries for ingame. interesting...

    anyways, here is the basic structure:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    you only have to take a look at the queries in Items section. these are the different icons in xmb and if you remove a whole query starting from <Query upto /> you will remove the wanted item. but take in consideration that there are several root entries sometimes, which you have to edit. network or game category has 2 xmls for example, the main xml and a tool2 xml which you have to modify

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    StanSmith Guest
    I've got XML files from 3.55 I had edited via that MFW maker and I've kept them and still can use them in 4.50 but as trophies is moved from GAMES to PSN I now dont have trophies anymore thats why I'm after the edited XML for PSN.

    PSN is only 1 file and when you remove something its gone but its got so many lines I wasn't sure which to remove and usually if you remove the wrong thing it kills XMB and you have to restore firmware thats why I'm not game on editing it myself.

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