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Thread: PS3 XMB Color Problem help?

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    nikoslykos Guest

    PS3 XMB Color Problem help?

    Hello, I have a weird problem with me ps3 for like 2 years now...i have the 40gb model phat. At first i had the black color for default.. but suddenly one day i turned my PS3 on and the color was yellow and when it got inside the XMB screen the color turned pink.

    i changed the color to black and its like it was removed and the black is now blue... and this happened after firmware updates too. right now i turn the PS3 on the screen gets pink.then i get inside and the XMB color is blue (i choose that color from the settings...) but i cant use the black... can anyone tell me how to fix this? Right now i use Rogero 4.46.

    This happens since 3.55... and last year the xmb color was half black and half yellow.

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    dyceast Guest
    First time i have ever heard of this issue, you sure noone is secretly changing it when your not using it lol

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    niwakun Guest
    make sure that the XMB color is not set to random. You can find the setting under themes.

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    nikoslykos Guest
    in the theme settings is set to original... and the original color is pink !

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