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Thread: Ps3 Xmb

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    NikiGX2 Guest

    Ps3 Xmb

    Hi. I have started to be interested too in hacking PS3, I had a question, whether it is possible to create the program capable to open a file with expansion .PUP? If yes that I do not know where to get the necessary libraries for opening. If there are libraries I can write the given program that will study contents firmware. If you have any data in this occasion thankful in advance.

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    mickyparu Guest
    With the program PS3 PUP Extractor, you can extract a Sony Update PUP file.

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    NikiGX2 Guest
    The matter is that at me Mac and because of it to me most will have to write the given program. And still I very much like interface XMB and I would like at opportunity it to pull out and use it in the development.

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