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    Frago Guest

    Ps3 Xkai guide help needed?

    Hi guys, i try many guides for xkai link and i can't get it work, i add the port forward i make everything right but i can't play online, why any help?

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    Chrunchy Guest
    Im not familiar with Xkai - but maybe this could help you?


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    Ten2 Guest
    i'd try to give you a hand but your not being specific about your trouble i'm going to be in the ps3/black ops arena if you're around i'll try to help.

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    Frago Guest
    i don't know why, i try with black ops but nothing.. i put the ports open on my sagem 2404 and in the diagnostic mode is found my ps3 succesful but i don't get the dns error in my ps3, why?

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