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Thread: PS3 won't update through USB help?

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    Tamikaze Guest
    Hey, no it still didn't work.

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    DeViL304 Guest
    You are doing it wrong. You just put the PS3UPDAT.PUP and the first lv2diag.self onto the root of your usb stick, Then put that usb stick into ps3 (must be right usb port - nearest to bluray drive - farthest to righthand side) then reboot while in service mode and it should give you a black screen for about 5-10minutes, green light will flash as proccess gets closer to the end, then it should shutdown by itself and its done. (if it doesnt shut down by itself give it about 20-30 minutes then reboot it manually)

    P.S. The 2 lv2diag.self files are in the downgrade files rar that you must have downloaded when you followed all the procedures.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ecniv View Post
    Sorry mate but I have to ask why downgrade now?? there are quite a few people working day and night to get NOT ORTHEROS but linux back on the ps3 and making a lot of progress every day...

    But let`s get back on topic here I think the reason why you can`t downgrade is because it is actually not possible to downgrade to 3.15 only 4.41 and up.
    You can downgrade as far back as your hardware will allow.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    don't get stuck on FW 1.05 as I once did?

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    DeViL304 Guest
    So older ps3 models (in theory) should be able to go all the way back to 1.02 or whatever the first pup is. I've been back to 2.36 debug firmware on a retail but never lower.
    Quote Originally Posted by bitsbubba View Post
    don't get stuck on FW 1.05 as I once did?
    Oh, how did that happen , I didnt know there was a problem like that?

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    bitsbubba Guest
    yes 1.02 that was it was a horrific experience getting back up to 3.41 (FW before Recovery Mode), only to later RLOD Brick with Waninkoko's CFW 3.55v1.

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    Tamikaze Guest
    Thanks for this, i looked around in my files and found i had these. I'll give it another shot later and see what happens.

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    fluidpain Guest
    Can I add a question here, I have downloaded the battlefield update its in the .pkg form that it comes as.

    I put this on my external to drop it in to my ps3 but I am not sure where to put the damn thing to get it recognized. I have put it in an ps3/update folder, in a ps3/savedata folder and nothing. I am working with an unmodded ps3 newest update if that info is needed. Any help is always appreciated.


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    elser1 Guest
    perhaps you should start your own thread.. but anyway sorry but you're out of luck mate, you can't install pkg on unmodded ps3... you need to update bc2 through the game update. if your ps3 is modded put it on root of drive and in xmb find install pkg and go from there.

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