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Thread: PS3 won't turn on help?

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    evileeyore Guest

    PS3 won't turn on help?

    The power light starts red as normal when it is in standby mode. I press the power button the light flashes green for 1/2 secondish, there is a beep just like when you turn it on normally, then it goes back to solid red light.

    also, when i hold down the power button it will cycle what happens when i press it once about every 2 seconds. it will flash green, beep then go back to solid red.

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    EiKii Guest
    mate it sounds like you have gotten the ylod, or a brick, noticed any overheating, or how did it all happen? when did it start?

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    evileeyore Guest
    well thats the thing, i have done a lot of reading about the YLOD, and everyone says the light will start flashing red. i get no flash at all, the power button goes green for a millisecond then back to solid red. i might have misunderstood the YLOD.

    Not sure when it occurred. my little brother comes over and plays it regularly and he usually leaves it on confidently, sometimes all day without me knowing about it as i am at work or school. Couples weeks ago it just wouldn't turn on when i was going to watch a movie.

    If it is the YLOD is there any way to salvage my saved game data? IE remove harddrive and transfer files to new ps3? or is there valid way to fix it.

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    elser1 Guest
    you can try the heatgun method, thought its like treating someone whos dying from cancer with a bandaid. the only fix ais a reball or you could send it back to sony or some third party repairer. if you only want to get your game saves etc back but are going to buy another console id try the heatgun method. it may stay on long enough for you to back them up..

    search for gilksys ylod heatgun repair in youtube for instructions how to do it.. good luck and damn you ylod!!

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