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    Exclamation PS3 won't suck in discs help?

    Hi all, you will have to bear with me as i am new to this. I bought a used PS3 160gb a few days ago took it home an set it up. Loaded up perfectly and everything was going fine so i inserted Saints Row 4, off it went into the blu ray drive without a hitch. Played for about 45 mins then quit game and ejected disc, then tried to insert COD Black Ops 2.

    The disc drive would let me insert the disc all the way in but would not "take" it off me yet when i pressed eject button while the disc was only 3/4 of the way in the disc would come straight out. I also tried it with the rest of the games that came with the console including Saints Row 4. So i researched it and most people said send it of to Sony or back to the shop but i would rather fix it myself if possible.

    For the disc drive to take the disc i have to hold down the eject button for 10-15 seconds while it re-aligns then it will take it off me but i was wondering if there was a more permanent fix.

    Any help is much appreciated



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    What model PS3 is it?

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    One of two things could be wrong. Reset the drive or the motor is bad. Take it apart and see if it is the motor. Thanks.

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    will it try to take a disc when you turn it on? this guy seems to have had the same problem, here is what he did...

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