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Thread: PS3 won't recognize game disc after backup & HD upgrade help?

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    silencephaze Guest

    Unhappy PS3 won't recognize game disc after backup & HD upgrade help?

    Hello PS3NEWS,

    I recently was running out of space on my ps3 hard drive, so i decided to upgrade my hard drive with a WD blue 500 gb hard drive. With doing so, i ran the ps3 backup utility and backed up my ps3 to a external hard drive that had a 130gb fat32 partition the ps3 recognized. After the backup finished it was about 60gb that was backed up. I then installed the new WD 500gb hard drive and went to settings/ back up/ restore. The restore process started and finished after 2 hours same as the backup.

    Everything worked perfectly, but i found my ps3 is unable to recognize game discs? Can someone help me troubleshoot this problem? I also tried installing the original hard drive and the ps3 still can't recognize ps3 game discs? I'm really freaking out right now i'm hopping my bluray player didn't crap out for the second time

    Let me know if you guys can give me some solutions to try. I was thinking about using the PS3 restore function and hoping it fixes this problem. This is just not making sense all i did was backup my ps3 now my game disc are not recognized. Its almost like sony has put kill switch in one of their updates.

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    misiozol Guest
    M8 , first of all : what console ? what FW ? why have u not used multiman and just copy/paste whole games folder so simple , have you try to reinstal FW ? how many disks by disk you have try ?

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    silencephaze Guest
    I have 80gb ps3 that has model number of ceche01 on OFW 4.46, since i haven't hacked it yet. I am not sure if i can run multiman, since my ps3 is over the FW to hack the ps3.

    All i did was replace my hard drive with a WD 500 gb that has a 5400 rpm speed. I did a full backup and restore through the ps3 settings. Everything worked perfect until i noticed my drive stopped reading ps3 disc, bluray, dvd ect. I am not sure if the backup utility did anything to my ps3 at this point in time.

    My friend happen to have a replacement drive that i hooked up yesterday by swapping my drive motherboard on the back bluray drive to marry the new drive to my ps3. Disc were reading perfectly yesterday and i tired it today and now it wont read with the new drive. I am not really sure what to do next besides install a new 400a laser lens.

    Any ideas?

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    elser1 Guest
    i've done many hdd upgrades in many ps3s different models ofw and cfw. i've never had this or any issue to be honest. i'd call sony tech support and ask if there is an issue in the latest fw that did it, not that they would tell you anyways.but maybe they can help you sort it out over the ph. its ofw so you are ok.

    it doesn't sound like the lens or anything to me,keep your back up and try format then reinstall or rebuild database etc. i'd phone sony first anyways and explain what it is.

    good luck man

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    silencephaze Guest
    Well the weird part is my friend had a bluray drive that fit my ps3, so i replaced that drive and attached my controller on the back to marry it. Once i put it all back together it read game discs and i tried at least 5 different ones. Then after the install I shut it down and brought it home thinking it was fixed. The next day i tried playing ps3 discs and nothing works just the spinning icon and sometimes it stops completely after short period of time.

    Are you sure its not the lens 30-40 dollars isn't bad on amazon or eBay for lens is pretty cheap! I was thinking of buying a 400AAA laser lens to replace my original laser lens. This is the second time this has happen to my ps3, but i paid a repair place to fix it about 3 years ago. Its been working ever since, so I'm thinking it just wore out?

    The only part i don't understand is when i formatted a new hard drive this error started happening. Before i had my original 80gb hard drive my ps3 read ps3 disc, bluray, dvd ect. I feel confident that i can replace the lens with no hassle, so i might do that if you guys suggest that.

    I don't really think Sony really would give me information besides explaining i need to send in my ps3 for a technician to fix it for 150 dollars. I can successfully say my ps3 is fully functional beside my bluray drive, so that would rule out the OFW issue.

    Thanks though ill need all the luck i can get it!

    Few replacement lenses i have been looking: 4.m1423.l2649

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    misiozol Guest
    silencephaze I would definitely NOT invest any money as it's FAT model would rather get invest in slim model on FW3.55 as sooner or later you will get YLOD on this console as design of fat consoles is faulty

    console is out of warranty so sony will not care and spending 150$ is absolutely pointless when you can get second hand slim on FW3.55 for ~200-250$ or less.

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    JeoWay Guest
    Some people prefer the Fat models that are PS2 compatible and fully downgradable. That is how I see it anyways

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    misiozol Guest
    Yes but keep in mind it's 80gb model so no reverse capability nothing special about it besides it will get YLOD , slim models are fully downgradable up to date code 0D

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    windrider42 Guest
    It could very well be the replacement Blu Ray drive crapped out as well.

    And to misiozol >>> slim can get YLOD as well or overheat.

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    silencephaze Guest

    PS3 won't recognize game disc only dvd after new laser help?

    Hello PS3News,

    Well its been crazy two weeks bought two different lasers one came defective and the other one is working, but is only reading dvds?

    Can anyone help me? I am so confused right now! I have successfully installed my new laser and everything works besides Bluray and games? It was a 400a laser i bought of amazon it was better quality then the other laser i bought off ebay. I am wondering if this is a software issue vs a laser issue. This all started after i upgraded my hard drive and with this new laser i can only read dvds not bluray or game disc?

    bought this one. PS3 model Ceche01 takes 400a laser (

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