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    PS3 won't Play Blu-rays help?

    Hey guys,

    So I brought my ps3 to my friends house one day, so I could lend him my ps3, and I forgot to take my game out. My ps3 suddenly wouldn't read blu ray disc. So I searched my problem and came upon the restore system files.

    I did that and now my ps3 won't even read dvd discs. When I put in either a blu ray or dvd disc and load up multiman, it shows blu ray>dvd>psx>cd so I know the drive is not dead. Is there a fix for this and also is there anyway to play my games without the cd in them? All my games are in my internal HD and my cfw is rebug 4.30.2 REX. Thinking of updating to latest REX firmware.

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    That is strange, I think your laser is burnt out (same happened to me, but I could still use DVD)

    Or try re-installing or installing a different firmware. Such as rebug or a 4.46 version. If not, I think the laser is burnt out

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