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Thread: PS3 won't load games, just idles help?

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    duaneosaur Guest

    PS3 won't load games, just idles help?

    Hello all, my blue ray drive was on the fritz a while ago, I took it apart and cleaned it and it worked again. But today I upgraded multiman to the newest 1.16 and after I did it stopped showing me the game disc icon in the XMB. I freaked out and downgraded back to an older version and that didn't help.

    I was able to play Metal Gear Solid psx from the disc, but when I took it out to try a Fallout 3 it won't load any games now it just give me the little loady clock thing from the corner that spins and spins and does not stop. Anyone know anything? Would it be a firmware problem or a drive problem?

    Thanks in advance!

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    thegavna99 Guest


    try to recoverer from the recovery mode.

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    duaneosaur Guest
    Will this disrupt or bother my Kmeaw firmware?

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    severusx Guest
    No, but I don't think that is your issue. It's most likely just a coincidence that it stopped working now. Try cleaning it again.

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    duaneosaur Guest
    I figured it was a coincidence too. I tried cleaning it and still nothing, I found a video where you hook everything up but leave the laser exposed and the little light should flicker on the laser. Well, I turned on the PS3, got no light and it moved on it's track and back into it's normal position and still no light. Is it safe to say my laser has finally went out?

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    shummyr Guest
    I'm going to say your laser has died based on what you have said so far..

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    tworok Guest
    My friend's PS3 reads CD and DVD but not PS3 Games.

    So i ordered a KES-410A for him (it's a 80G) from ebay, received it, same problem...

    Ordered from another place (chipspain), received it, same problem...

    is it a coincidence that i bought and received 2 defective lens or can it be another problem?

    thanks in advance

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