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    PS3 won't boot after downgrade help?


    A friend just gave me his PS3 slims 2504A. He downgraded it by teensy2.0++ and NOR360CLIP and he got to boot once on the CFW. Then he turned it off and now when we turn it on, it stays on for 3 seconds and then shuts down with no lights at all. If i try to turn it on again, the red light reappears as in standby mode, no beeps or yellow lights guaranteed.

    I assume it's not the PSU since I can do a complete fan test. I tried to put the exit lv2diag.self file on a FAT32 pendrive but it didn't change anything. Any clue ?

    Thanks in advance !

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    Get your friend to flash it again. Something went wrong.

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    Also if you can solder, solder a wire from the nor tristate to a ground and if it stays on then it is not hardware but software. Also flash it again.

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