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Thread: Ps3 won't accept discs after laser replacement help?

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    lachyz Guest

    Ps3 won't accept discs after laser replacement help?

    I recently bought a new laser for my broken ps3 slim. Before this happened it was accepting discs, it made a noise as if it was ejecting the disc and then it would just have the loading symbol in the top right hand corner.

    I bought a new laser and deck and replaced it and now its not accepting discs, however when i press the eject button with or without a disc in the blue light turns on and it makes a low pitch click noise four times. Please help.

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    severusx Guest
    Sounds like you didn't connect the drive motor correctly to the loader. That noise is the spindle trying to spin up a disc. Check your assembly again.

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    lachyz Guest
    I just took it apart and reassembled it from scratch and i'm quite sure nothing was not connected properly. One thing i have noticed is that when the click noise sounds, the blu-ray lens flashes on every click.

    Just went through a third time and realized i had the ribbon cable for the drive motor in incorrectly. Silly me thanks a lot.

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