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Thread: PS3 Wi-fi Angle?

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    maddog1990 Guest

    Question PS3 Wi-fi Angle?

    It seems that my playstation always receives a different signal strength depending on where I "point" it. having it lying down flat and about 45 degrees from my router has the poorest signal at about 45%, yet having it upright has a slightly higher signal but it varies between 50-65%.

    If anyone has good knowledge with wifi or how the playstation broadcasts and receives wifi, can you please give me an ideal direction it should be pointing in (eg. back of the console facing router, or Side with PLAYSTATION 3 written facing router).

    I have fairly slow broadband and my connection and the connection is as reliable as an old skoda, which doesn't help. Playstation updates can take up to 3 hours because off loss of signal and slow Internet speed.

    PS. I should also mention that my laptop sits in the same room as my ps3 and gets about 85-100% signal and there is no way to move the router as it is wired to another computer


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    fermonro Guest

    Cable sure option

    Wifi can be a good option for navigation, but i don't really trust on it for internet games playing, as the speed is so critical. I use cable rj-45!

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    maddog1990 Guest
    Sorry if i sound offensive but you are answering a question no-one asked.

    I am asking if anyone knows the direction that the playstation should be facing to receive an optimum signal. I have already said that the router cannot be moved and network cable is definitely not an option.

    I am posting the question because even 'navigation' is almost impossible, I wouldn't even attempt to play a game online, i would be wasting my time trying to make a connection, i would just be waiting to receive messages similar too 'connection to server timed out'.

    I don't know what other people's Internet speed is like but when I say its slow i'm talking <50Kb/s with full signal, Selling people ADSL2+ in areas like this should be illegal.


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    saviour07 Guest
    wifi connection can be dependant on a number of variables, one of which being th distance from the router and how many/how thick the walls are too.
    i tend to keep my ps3 lay face down, with (what would be the bottom of the ps3 if it was stood up right) facing the wall which the router is behind, and that gives 100% signal.

    Im sure there are some tuts on here for increasing the signal strength, but you'll have to search for them

    a slow connection shouldn't mean that you recieve a bad signal.

    the best advice i can give you is to try your ps3 in all different kinds of positions until you find a reasonable signal, and if absolutely all else fails... buy an extremely long ethernet cable

    good luck

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    maddog1990 Guest
    Thanx for giving me your help, having it face that way does work fairly well but as I said before it does vary quite alot. I understand that having slow Internet will not decrease the signal strength, but it becomes frustrating when you are told connection to a server timed out and you don't know if its because you have a slow connection or your signal has been lost (again!).

    I am starting to think that my wifi card has been damaged, it was dropped from about 50cm up once and it started to rattle not long after. I opened up the case a while ago (warranty was well and truly out of date) and found a small chip of metal that somewhat resembled an antenna. I would really appreciate if some one might be able to send me a picture of what the playstion 3's wifi card looks like, I can only find pictures that have some sort of armature over them (eg. card reader).

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    saviour07 Guest
    i found this image (wel, its full of images) from the inside of the ps3
    and it shows one of the wifi/bluetooth board

    hope that helps you with whether you damaged your wifi card?

    if it is and your warranty's void then you might aswel just look for a wifi board on ebay and replace it yourself

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    maddog1990 Guest
    Thank you everyone for helping me with my problems.

    Once again though the picture ( does not represent the model i have. I have an Australian PAL 40GB model. It has blue tooth wifi but no card reader or backwards compatibility.

    The white plate on top of the picture does not exist on my model, and the serial number of the board is printed in a different location with another number.

    It seems this is a hard model to get a picture for comparison. I should probably crack it open again, find the serial number and start ebaying.

    Once again thanx everyone for helping me out. I would still appreciate if anyone who has this model please post, take or find a pic

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    Avanaboy Guest
    The ps3's Wifi is a bit less powerfull than a normal wifi dongle ( for my knowledge ) ...

    You should put your ps3 more closely to your router ... I think that this is the only way to have a better signal power

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    saviour07 Guest
    sorry i couldnt get a picture anywhere for that model ps3 maddog

    ill keep looking round for you though - it must be horrible having a ps3 with wifi n not being able to utilise it!

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    XxdeathxX Guest
    As in the past i have to back up WIFI connection, my WIRELESS connection is incredibly good no there is no "singnal to server was lost" messeges it is perfect for me.

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