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Thread: PS3 Wi-fi Angle?

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    maddog1990 Guest
    Thanx to everyone who is trying to help.

    I think i will say this again to make it absolutely clear, I Cannot move the router as it is wired to a device that has no wireless capabilities and I Cannot move the ps3 as its connected to the only TV that has a 5.1ch surround sound system (yes not quite an excuse but once you have played in true surround sound, you don't wanna go back).

    I'll say it again THE ROUTER NOR THE PS3 CAN BE MOVED

    On another note, this thread is not about what works for you. I don't really give a monkeys if you have a perfect signal, use cables, have blue hair, are the son of a frying pan or live under a lamp shade. This is not a thread about what different people use, this is a thread about troubleshooting an issue. If you have the same problem, sure post a description about your setup etc, but if you don't have a problem and you are not helping please don't post.

    Thank you everyone who is helping and if anyone ever finds an image please post-it.

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    maddog1990 Guest
    I finally re-opened my ps3 and decided to take pictures this time. If anyone can see anything missing or damaged please tell me.

    The first picture shows the wi-fi card with nothing else moved. This is what I see as soon as i take off the top of the console.

    The second picture is the back of the wi-fi card.

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    Dibblah Guest
    The auxiliary antenna is the one which the black wire connects to at the back of the PS3. There should be a tower shaped component as the only part on this board, about 1.5cm high. However, this certainly should not have come off if the PS3 was dropped with it's case on.

    As noted by others - Signal strength is very variable. It is not even primarily dependent on orientation - Mostly, it's walls in between, multipath reflections, etc.

    Moving your PS3 by 5-10cm in random directions (while watching the signal strength - which only appears to update very rarely) might help. However, this can be negatively affected by even cars passing by on a nearby road.

    One option is to use a gaming adapter - A wireless bridge, which presents a ethernet interface, that can be moved to give a better signal.

    Another is to try another channel on your wireless router. The channels have slightly different characteristics wrt reflections, etc.

    Good luck!

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    maddog1990 Guest
    Thank you for the reply, changing channels on the router is a hit or a miss. there are up to 10 other wireless hubs in my area on mostly cannels 1, 4, 6, 9 and 12, so it doesn't really matter what i do i will still likely have some interferance. Traffic on the other hand (cars that is) isn't really a problem, its a fairly quite street, and the house and stuff is set back pretty far.

    I have thought about getting some sort of bridge or something, but it really angers me that i would have to buy some sort of signal booster when there isn't really that big a problem, especially when it was working 'okay' when i first used it.

    I am starting to think that its probably just in a 'blind' spot where the signal doesn't really get there that well. Strange though coz' its when i point the laptop right at the playstation that i get the best signal.

    The other thing i should ask is; does a crt tv create more interferance than say an lcd or plasma? I'll probably be getting a 42 inch lcd in the next coming months, so it'd be great if that helps (doubt it though). Im pretty sure crt tv's ussually have a 240 - 1500 volt transformer, but im not sure that an lcd's transformer would have a similar effect. Any thoughts, physicians out there?

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    saviour07 Guest
    i know old crt tv's produce a certain level of radiation (especially old crt pc monitors) but i doubt that would interfer that much with your ps3's wifi, i may be wrong tho...

    i have my router set to channel one, but i remember reading somewhere that channel 11 is supposed to provide a better signal (just cant remember where i actually read that)
    but anythings worth a try tbh...

    i also looked up any differences in the 40gb aus model and 40gb english models, and i couldnt find any differences in hardware and read that the aus models are pal, so any hardware should be the same, including the wifi board.
    if you really think it could be something wrong with the wifi board then searching for a pal 40gb model pic should be a good enough reference for comparison

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