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Thread: PS3 Western Digital 1.5tb External Hard drive help?

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    Artxx Guest

    Question PS3 Western Digital 1.5tb External Hard drive help?

    Hello, well my issue is that i might an external hard drive western digital my book essentials 1.5tb. its usb 3.0 & usb 2.0 compatible but i was doing my research supposedly usb 3.0 dont work with multiman has anyone tried this external drive? also how can i format this ?.. because i read it need to be formatted into FAT32, So basically what i want to do is load back ups using multiman so can anyone lead me the right way?

    also this is the external hard drive i got:

    thanks for everyone's time.

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    dyceast Guest
    I would stay away from MyBook [As it has that Security Feature] you need to disable this to use a mybook and format to fat32
    You are better off with WD Element, if Western Digital is the brand you want...

    PS3 is not USB 3.0 compatible, but since the HDD is backward compatible I cannot see why it should not work...

    To format use the HP Format tool... Just search it, shouldnt be hard to find

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    Artxx Guest
    Thanks mate for the response, well, sorry i bought this western digital hard drive without knowing... so how can i disable that security feature? just by doing the format in it to fat32 of course using the hp format tool?

    once again, thanks for the response.

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