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    Mad Lion Guest

    PS3 warranty question help?

    I have some questions for PS3 that is still in warranty. If I send PS3 to sony I get same refurbished model, no new or other model right? Example if I have CECHL 80GB model I will get other refurbished CECHL, no chance of getting PS3 slim there true?

    Now main question: what happens if I put 60GB drive into original 80GB CECHL PS3 and send it to Sony for repair? Will they give me back refurbished model with same 60GB drive I gave them or would I maybe get back refurbished PS3 with new 80GB HDD?
    Anyone know?

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    it is not necessary that you get back a refurb model back.. They may even repair yours and send the same back to you... There is even a possibility that they send you back a ps3 slim.. it has happened with some but if they send you back an 80gig refurb back then you will have a 80gig hdd in it... Hope that helps!!

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    Natepig Guest
    I think if it can be fixed easily they will send you the same unit back with what ever hdd you had in it. If they send you another unit then they should send you the same model as you had before, but sony being sony it's entirley possible they will send you something different.

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    shummyr Guest
    It's on an individual basis, it also depends on how badly damaged the unit is or if it can even be repaired.

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