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Thread: PS3 - wait for cell or stick with nVidia?

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    ack84 Guest

    PS3 - wait for cell or stick with nVidia?

    Having been watching the scene for some time, mainly awaiting price drops due to cheaper manufacturing since the cell processor reduced in die size. My view is ahead to when the geforce 8800gtx is replaced by the cell gpu. What I want to know is, in terms of performance, will there be any difference?

    What are the arguments for or against either product? Should I be basing my purchasing decision on which of these GPU's is in a sku I decide to purchase? Looking forward to any discussion.

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    ack84 Guest
    Ok, since I can't edit my post, I'll admit that I screwed up - nVidia's product is the 7800gtx, however the Q still remains. I'm sure there has to be SOME opinion?

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