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Thread: ps3 video problem

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    unknowndarkuser Guest

    ps3 video problem

    Hello, i have a PS3 CECHA01 60GB (warranty sticker gone) when i turn on the system you hear it boot and you can move through the XMB but there is no video at all just a black screen, i can access the Recovery mode and that shows up with video but that doesnt seem to help at all.

    the system has the latest Firmware, any tips on how to fix this problem please feel free to leave a reply.

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    Spikey123 Guest
    1. I suggest wiggle the the AV Cable if you use RCA plugs"Yellow, Red, White" because sometimes it comes loss mine does.

    2. Do you switching the PS3 from RCA to HDMI because the system does not auto switch back there is a way to reset the Video Config and this is it Hold down the power button until it beeps twice and then it should get video backup.

    because like with me I have to use the RCA AV cord but when I take it to my buddy's HDMI picks up but when I come back home I have to reset the setting

    More info about Video Config:

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    unknowndarkuser Guest
    I already found this information before posting, but sadly it does not seem to change anything. I have tried putting the system on a HDMI and RCA both with same problem, Thank you for your reply though

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