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Thread: PS3 Video issue, black screen help?

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    bigspiff Guest

    PS3 Video issue, black screen help?

    Ok so i have ps3 slim (cech2001b, firmware 4.31) with a replaced blu ray drive that matches the motherboard. Everything seems to work fine, however, when i go to play a game or try to use the playstation store I get a black screen and have to manually restart the system. The blu ray takes disc's, and ejects, but the XMB shows no activity. So basically my ps3 is a brick, any ideas?

    I should also point out that the battery on the motherboard came loose and is no longer attached, so i have to enter the date and time every time i turn on the system.

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    racer0018 Guest
    I would try and rebuild the data system in the recovery menu and see if that helps. Also you could go into the recovery menu and then reflash the firmware 4.31, as it might be a bad flash that is doing it. It is not a brick if it boots up to xmb. thanks

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    bigspiff Guest
    i've tried all of the options in safe mode and upon the first reboot i was able to see activity when i put a disc in, but still nothing loaded and upon the second reboot, back to black...

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    windrider42 Guest
    Re-install the firmware in XMB OR recovery. See if that helps

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    racer0018 Guest
    It will not reflash the same firmware in xmb but it will do it in recovery/safe mode. So that might be the only way to get it back. The last way might be downgrading the ps3 and then install the newest firmware after you q&a the ps3. thanks

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