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    turbohardtop Guest

    PS3 and video file formats

    If I have an external hard drive connected to the PS3, what video files can it recognize and play from the hard drive. Thanks.

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    lara76100 Guest
    divx, mp4 and after?!

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    staceysfit Guest

    file formats

    mpeg4 is the most commonly used

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    ps3love Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lara76100 View Post
    divx, mp4 and after?!
    I think for divx you must have at least firmware 2.10

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    IanJ Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by staceysfit View Post
    mpeg4 is the most commonly used
    Early firmware versions only played nice with Mpeg4, however most videos you get from the innerwebs are divx or xvid and so far with my 2.10 I have only had a few I needed to re-code.

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    player22 Guest
    As far as I know, .mpeg and .mpg are also played fine even at firmware 1.5 (this is the lowest firmware for me, because I have got a European 60GB PS3)

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    DIMERR Guest
    Does it support .mkv files?

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    bjc Guest
    Can .avi files be played back from the hdd or ext hdd or is there some way of changing them to play on the ps3?


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    onelargeprawn Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by DIMERR View Post
    Does it support .mkv files?
    I tried and it didn't work for me. I'm on 2.10 firmware.

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    bjc Guest
    just answered my own question, it was xvid which worked fine on version 2.10

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