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    fatdaddy Guest

    ps3 video downloads and pspgo?

    i download all my moves from the internet to the hard drive of my ps3 i dont use a proxy server and ive never conected my ps3 to my pc . all my moves are dvix and are very good quality 480 to 1080 hd.

    i've never regestered my dvix number because of the cost. i'm cheap like that! i dont know how im doing this because i can download these within the the first week of there release at the theater from something called a screeners dvd or a bdrip, ts, or xivx or something like that.

    anyway i copy these to a portable hard drive and watch them through a cheap media reader thats on the other tvs my problem is i can copy these to my pspgo but it does not recognise the files the only way i can watch them is thru remote play. i really dont want to mess with my ps3 because i really don't know what i'm doing. is there anything i can do with the pspgo?

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    MisSpark Guest


    best way to go is to download their converter: pspvideo9.com

    there are many more just use GOOGLE remember it your best friend and search 'psp video converters' and i'm sure you would find one you like but this method will take some time to convert them because i know the psp supports more formats then mp4 but that what the video are converted to and screen size to match psp screen

    if you have anything else to ask just post it everyone of ps3news is more then happy to help

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