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    Obiwanqnoob Guest

    PS3 version questions

    I was checking on BB to buy a PS3 and have seen a version with 250gb with free uncharted 2. In one of the custumers reviews someone said that this version is the old (CECH2001B) and not the new version (CECH2101B). Now I have a few questions:

    1. Is it really the old version that comes with the game?

    2. What is the difference on the 2 versions?

    3. Is it possible to know the version by looking at the box?

    4. The old version overheats?

    thx in advance

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    Apr 2005
    Check the attachment for the PS3 version differences, but unlike PSP there isn't a way to tell specific PS3 versions from the box. Older units did have an issue with overheating, however, you don't have to worry about that these days as all new bundles come with PS3 Slim consoles.

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