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Thread: PS3 on version 3.65 Jailbreak help?

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    nagnick Guest

    PS3 on version 3.65 Jailbreak help?

    hello everyone,

    i need help i have a ps3 on version 3.65 i would like to jailbreak it but have no i dear how to do it can anyone help?

    is this the best thing to do or not i am new to all of this

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    Portalcake Guest
    Hardware flasher, for now.

    That's the only way to get CFW on OFW machines > 3.55.

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    TitanTX Guest
    You would need to downgrade your system in order to upgrade to 3.55 CFW. If you can't downgrade it yourself please check out racer's thread over here in the forums great guy to get your system downgraded.Its best that you check if your system is downgrade able to begin with do you have a PHAT console or a SLIM ?? and did you get 3.65 out of the box or did you upgrade to 3.65 OFW.

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    nagnick Guest
    hello mate, i updated to 3.65 by accident it a slim

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    what was its factory firmware?

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    nagnick Guest
    i am sorry i don't remember is there a way to find out???

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    LTH05 Guest
    yes! try this:


    Step 1: Download the MinVerChk.rar (from the link provided above) and extract the .pup file using WinRar.
    Step 2: Put the PS3UPDAT.PUP onto the USB Flash Drive in the PS3/UPDATE/ folder.
    Step 3: Power on your PS3 and navigate to the "System Update" option in the settings
    Step 4: Choose "Update Via Media Storage"
    Step 5: Let the PS3 search for the update, once it's found it it will ask you if you'd like to run it. Hit "OK"
    Step 6: It should only take a few seconds, a message will pop up telling you what the lowest version firmware your PS3 can use!
    Step 5: Congratulations! You're done!

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