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Thread: PS3 Version 3.50 - Best way to Jailbreak help ?

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    joshkickjosh Guest

    PS3 Version 3.50 - Best way to Jailbreak help ?

    I just got my hands on a fat playstation with 3.50.. i know there are jailbreaks for 3.55, and others.. but haven't found anything for 3.50

    will the 3.55 jailbreak work on this? do i need to downgrade? or upgrade to 3.55?

    any help would be appreciated, this is my first hackjob heh.

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    System Repairs Guest
    1. Get the Sony Official Firmware 3.55 found in the downloads section.
    2. Update in recovery mode.
    3. After you do the update , return to recovery mode and apply a Custom Firm Ware 3.55
    4. Get Multiman and install
    5. Have Fun

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Why Install OFW in recovery Mode?

    That you can do in XMB, in fact, I even installed CFW through my XMB.

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    severusx Guest
    Yeah you don't need to do all of that, just upgrade to Kmeaw CFW v3.55 through the XMB. It's that simple. Check the CFW Repository sticky in the CFW section for a link to Kmeaw 3.55.

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    Natepig Guest


    You said that it is a fat ps3... Be careful and triple check that the cfw you choose is suitable for your model.

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