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    efis71 Guest

    Wink Ps3 Usb Keyboard


    Is it possible to install to Ps3 a Usb Keyboard without linux ?

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    Azzazzel Guest
    Hi, I guess U can do it - Unreal Tournament 3 even supports it as main controller, plus U can use it to navigate in default XMB interface, including inet browser.

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    wicked insanity Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by efis71 View Post

    Is it possible to install to Ps3 a USB Keyboard without linux ?
    WTF?? A USB keyboard is designed to be UPnP. No installation needed just plug it in and off you go. I use a keyboard sometimes, they're useful for web browsing, sending long messages to friends, and fiddling in linux.

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    killergg Guest
    just plug it in your ps3 it will load and done (a lot of usb keyboards are supported but not all)

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