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Thread: PS3 urgent unbrick help?

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    hanna21 Guest

    PS3 urgent unbrick help?

    cech2003b dyn001 mother board , i have connected to the sbe from the flasher to tristate on ps3 it powers up. i added my bkpps3.bin to minisd card and now everytime i try and flash by pressing the start button light number 1 ,5,6 lights up blinks please help.

    by the way i re-ordered new cable just to make sure and be on safe side until then please advise thanks

    i opened up my micro-sd card and here's what i see:

    log inside of it, start logging... program PS3 BIOS. fail to initialize PS3 BIOS.

    things i tried:

    i put 1 leg on top of the clip gently , did not work
    i held it down with fingers did not work
    and now i purchased a clamp , did not work

    all methods give me flashing lights 1 ,5 ,6 blue lights

    is there a possibility my cable gone bad?

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    misiozol Guest
    Double check all soldering points , Have you write something to flash ? Does consoles boots up if you desolder everything ?

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    hanna21 Guest
    i set switch up rest down!!! then power up and try press start and it gives me blinking lights for 1,5,6 inside the micro-sd i se log program PS3 BIOS. fail to initialize PS3 BIOS.

    i have 2 valid backup dumps + i patched it and transfered to sd-card.

    i am trying to fix the 1,5,6 flashing issue.

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