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    ps3 updates help?

    Our ps3 has recenty stopped recognizing any games or movies in the system. It won't even allow me to do an update on the system. When I called sony they advised me to download the update from their website and transfer to a flash drive, then to my ps3. I found the download, but my computer will not open the file because it is a pup file. I am clueless as how to proceed... I have googled it but haven't found anything that helped. Can anyone help me to open this file and get it transfered to my ps3 properly? thanks!!

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    You do not have to open the file at all, just copy it on a flash drive in the directories PS3/UPDATE.

    So, if you are using windows, and your flash drive is "E:", it will be:


    If you do not have the folders PS3, or UPDATE inside of it - you need to simply create them.

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