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Thread: PS3 Updated from Jailbroken 3.55 to 3.61 without Internet?

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    buggatti Guest

    Exclamation PS3 Updated from Jailbroken 3.55 to 3.61 without Internet?


    Last night i let multiman to backup GT5 and went to sleep. My ps3 has a power save setting for 1 hour. i woke up and turned on the ps3 and found out multiman was not working and when i went to the system setting it was firmware 3.61.

    Need help!

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    TUHTA Guest
    Well, no one can help you now, i'm so sorry!

    But maybe someone just did something!

    Or 0.00001% cold be a Spoof, just check, do you still have Install packages and APP_HOME folders??

    And does multiman work?

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    buggatti Guest
    no install package and multiman doesn't work.

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    elser1 Guest
    congratulations.. you have a retail ps3.. i'd be wary of going on psn though, as you've, according to sony used your ps3, violated there tnc they may ban you from psn.. at least now you can play 3.60+ games, after you purchase them.

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    buggatti Guest
    I know I can't do anything but I need to know how it happened, no internet.

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    elser1 Guest
    maybe someone swapped there retail with your jb? you were sucked into the twilight zone? at your residence you have no internet at all?

    or your ps3 has no internet access? answer.. never leave ps3 unattended.. LOL

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Seriously - no internet?

    Only explanation i can think of is that SONY infiltrated your house under cover of darkness with USB stick in hand that had the 3.61 update on it. Silently inserted the stick and applied the update - thus completing their evil plan (the bŁ$$^$ds).

    However, from what you said (Leaving MM updating GT5?) how did you do this with no internet?
    PS3 will sneak onto the internet on its own if you have it plugged into a LAN, if you didnt disable the auto update feature that would be my best guess. (Maybe it will even connect wirelessly to any open wireless network too in which case the auto update would be your downfall again anyway.)

    Only other explanation is that someone applied the update for you! (Or you have a seriously bad sleep condition that makes you do stupid things in your sleep!)

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    fallinprince Guest
    did you or any of your friends insert a 3.60+ game into your console and do a disc update?

    tbh sony is reeling too much from being hacked again to give two ducks about you.

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    Natepig Guest
    Are you able to tell if it is the same console by anything you had on it or any distinguishing marks? If you never had it connected to the internet and left multiman backing up gt5, then the earlier stated theory that someone done a switch on you seems most likely.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    definitely 100% either someone swapped the PS3's or connected it to the internet and updated but it didn't do it on its own.

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