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Thread: PS3 Updated from Jailbroken 3.55 to 3.61 without Internet?

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    Osirisx Guest
    you will be waiting for a very long time, 3.55+ CFW isn't going to happen, you're better off buying a <3.55 ps3 from ebay or try your luck and see if you can still buy one from a retail outlet.

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    bertr2112 Guest
    Obviously, you updated to 3.61... and the only way to do that without internet is by updating to 3.61 via a new PS3 game with the update on it. Don't know how you could have done this without knowing... unless a roommate messed you up. Good luck

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    buggatti Guest
    ok first of all we are not trolling second can anyone find that gt5 has a 3.61 update in it and i did not have auto update on and have no roomates and i appreciate your help in this crisis.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    no, no games have the 3.61 update on the disc AFAIK its only a few weeks old, how could an 8 month old game disc have it on it?

    It was downloaded and installed by someone regardless of whether or not they're owning up to it.

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    daveshooter Guest
    I agree with both, but that depends if Sony a playing by the book. and not disregarding the rules because there dealing with hacked units.

    You didn't say what firmware you was on, and what homebrew you was using, was MultiMan ftp on? was it set to check for game updates?

    Can you say that all the homebrew you installed is what it says it is? has Sony swapped messed or modified it, or a Sony sympathiser ? Theres at least a handful of ways this could happen that I can think off. Sony said them selfs they can control the ps3 regardless, and one of the ways is though the xmb startup when it visits all 14 odd sites before you know it.

    But this one is the rootkit that's in the 3.55 ofw rushed update, they didn't just remove downgrading they added remote control. just a thought.

    Also if you plug your media into a ps3 thats on 3.61 and then plug it into your computer or worse a ps3 on cfw don't be to surprised if funny things start happening.

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    Natepig Guest
    The other guy has stated that one of his roomates' friends did it to his ps3. It would seem that either you are ommiting some cruciual information or are victim of a crime.

    You send my trolldar into overdrive.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    There is no possible way a PS3 with CFW running multiman backing up a game closed multiman, connected to the internet, downloaded a firmware update, installed it and rebooted without someone pressing a button.

    Stop the conspiracy rubbish, one of the roommates obviously did it and wont fess up.. just lock the thread.

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