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Thread: PS3 Updated from Jailbroken 3.55 to 3.61 without Internet?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    This is an utter RUBBISH! PS3 will NOT update on it's own - stop encouraging the troll ... Every single so called "self update" reported here (or anywhere else) turned out in the end to be false. End of story.

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    elser1 Guest
    your ps3 is not banned YET!!! LOL

    well said homer.. why these people bother is beyond me.. nothing better to do i guess.

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    saviour07 Guest
    I agree that this guy is more than likely trolling.

    Devils advocate: Kz3 just received an update which has a 3.60 eboot.bin, and other titles are scheduled for a similar update... Gt5 it's a likely candidate for such an update considering it's a first party title an the OP claims he left it on to auto update.

    Bottom line is I think he is trolling but auto updating games to 3.60+ (with the internet) may be possible.

    Sent from my SGS.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    No it isn't, auto update doesn't actually automatically download and install firmware updates without a user agreeing to it.

    No matter what someone ok'd the install of the firmware update.

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    saviour07 Guest
    Learn something new everyday! I assumed that cz Sony's TnC say they can auto update your ps3 that the eboot.bin update would do that, but I stand corrected He's obvs just trolling then.

    Sent from my SGS.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Terms and conditions can say whatever they like but automatically updating the firmware isn't possible since it requires a restart, agreeing to new terms (sometimes) and accepting the firmware update (all firmware updates are technically optional) or else millions of PS3's would be corrupted by people turning off their PS3's when it's updating the firmware in the background.

    To update the firmware someone must have ok'd it, just lock the thread there's no mystery here.

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    DAXGr Guest
    Agreed unless the ghost of Kevin Butler has haunted your PS3!

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    saviour07 Guest
    Just to confirm what Barry said about requiring the user to accept a System Software update:

    Automatic download
    You can choose to activate automatic download on your PS3™ via System Settings on the XMB™. This feature can only be activated or deactivated by one PSN account per PS3™ and the setting will then apply to all PSN accounts registered to that console. Each PSN account may only activate this feature on one PS3™ at a time.

    When automatic download is activated on your console, provided that the console is on stand-by and connected to the internet, the console will be automatically activated approximately every 48 hours during a time period set by you. During that period, various Services such as system software, game patches and game demos may be automatically downloaded to the console ("Automatically Downloaded Material").

    Any system software updates made available as Automatically Downloaded Material will not be installed until you have accepted the relevant terms for that system software.

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    sykoNsc Guest
    yea, i think i've figured out my haunted ps3, i have roommates that have friends over constantly but nobody will own up to fking up my rig so i just hope someone gets this 3.61 fw figured out soon. and i'm not even signed up for psn and killzone3 is the newest game i have so i don't know where the update came from since autoupdate was off but regardless i know it didn't do the dirty on it's own i just wanna find the cocksucker that kicked me in my ballsack lol

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    cursorsauce Guest
    My God!

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