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Thread: ps3 update via internal hdd help?

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    nnnn44 Guest

    Exclamation ps3 update via internal hdd help?

    i cant update my ps3with usb because its too slow so i get error. i can transfer file to ps3 throw ftp i want to ask: can i update by copy the update file to internal hdd and where do i have to put it?

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    elser1 Guest
    why is usb to slow. what error are you getting? i've never heard of this before... more info please.. what are you on now and what do you wanna update to etc

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    nnnn44 Guest
    i used to this error its the same when i install pkg from my usb stick (its old and slow) so when it reach apoint copying the file it give an error .but when i install the same pkg from another usb flash (my friends usb flash) its ok and install the pkg so now i don't have only my this old usb and i have my lan ftp if you now the folder that "ps3 copy the update file then restart to install the update" so i put the update file there by my ftp. iam on ofw3.55 i want to update to cfw3.55 kmeaw.

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    xpa12 Guest
    You can just burn the folder "ps3" containing the update folder and file to a dvd/cd and the console will check the Blu ray drive for the update file also.

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    nnnn44 Guest
    i burned the update file on a blank dvd ps3\update folder but it didn't find it.

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    Natepig Guest
    You should just bite the bullet and buy a new usb stick. I'm not sure about other countries, but here a 1gb flash is very cheap now.

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    nnnn44 Guest
    i now but if you are in front of your pc you search for quick way and gain some knowledge.

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    xpa12 Guest
    Did you try updating from the recovery menu or just the Update option in the XMB?

    I think if you try the recovery option it will search for all media options including the DVD/CD.

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    nnnn44 Guest
    it didn't work.

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    zetski210 Guest
    I've found some USB drives do not work while others do.

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