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Thread: PS3 Update problems help?

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    testman5 Guest

    PS3 Update problems help?

    I sure could use some help from anyone with my problem that I have encountered since before October. I have been trying about everything I can look up on the internet but so far no luck. I had been playing BF3 on line quite a bit when it just started to freeze during gameplay on a regular basis.

    Well my system finally went automatically into wanting the new update. I did the update from the online setup and my system when through the motions then it froze at 99% and did nothing but stay there. I shut it down and tried to get to safe mode but my system will not go into it.

    I have already taken my hard drive out and reformatted it to FAT32 and tried update again and same freezing at 99%. Contacted Sony (yeah that really helped since they want repair fee of $99) and need me to send it to them. They say it is stuck in a update loop. Anyone now how to fix this without sending it to them?

    Pros- cheaper to pay $99 for repair then to buy new or bid for one that is used on ebay.

    Cons- No guarantee repair will last and have to buy another one anyway or that used one off ebay will be any better. I have just about lost all my hair on this. PLEASE HELP ANYBODY!!!

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    Liongooder Guest
    Download the update you want on your PC, assuming you're on OFW create a folder in the root of your USB, rename it to PS3 and another on inside it, rename it to UPDATE so it would look like this: PS3/UPDATE/put the update you downloaded here.. the update file will be like this PS3UPDAT.PUP

    plug the USB to your PS3, update via storage media, the update will install and complete.. if it doesn't work try this: Reinstall the update again

    1. Wait until installing occurs and pull out old HDD at 0%
    2. Error should occur(let it run the count down and let ps3 restart itself)
    3. You should be seeing a "press ps3 button on controller screen". On that screen put your new HDD in the ps3 AND have USB with update on it in the ps3.
    4. Let it look for the update on the usb and download it / let the ps3 restart itself
    5. Now you should be seeing the "press ps3 button on controller screen" again (don't worry)
    6. Let the ps3 reformat your new HDD and let ps3 restart itself
    7. After the reformatting it should reinstall the update using your USB again
    8. If it worked you should see a screen with a PS3 to the PS3.

    i hope this helps bro. PEACE

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