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    BlackStallion Guest

    PS3 Update loop help?

    so i have 2 ps3's.. both are CECHK-01 80gb models. both have the DIA-002 mobo inside. both hard drives have been formatted on my PC like EVERYONE says to do if you have the endless loop problem. NEITHER of them are working. i CANNOT for the life of me get it to install the 4.31 firmware which is all it will let me put in. it says before i even start to use update data 4.31.

    EVERYTIME i try it it ends in failure at around 45% sometimes 43 sometimes 47.. WHAT can i do here.. i am so lost. the PS3 DO NOT load to the XMB.. and im incapable of getting there.

    it seems im stuck literally between a fully bricked console and a functioning one. both of which can be used. but my looping one doesnt do a damn thing except want an update and then ERROR..

    OH and if it is any help. 9/10 times its error 8002f147.. i even bought an e3 flasher in hopes of solving this. but i cant get a good nor dump if i cant get to the damn XMB.. someone please help me. if i am not descriptive enough please just ask ill give any info i can.

    THANK YOU in advance to everyone who gives me feedback

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    the7 Guest
    Hey man sorry to hear your having trouble

    Have you tried updating from the recovery menu?

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    BlackStallion Guest
    not really.. it still asks for a USb to be plugged in which will result in the same thing i've had.. idk maybe its worth a shot..

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    akimazaki Guest
    Are you ps3 have bt or wireless problem?? if you dont have that problem try change new hdd 2.5.. than install again

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    hilongo Guest
    Some users had the same issue because thier BD reader was not correctly connected... if you can, test that it's firmly connected.

  6. #6
    BlackStallion Guest
    hmmm i'll try it.. but both machines fail at the same place, both have their own BT, their own BD, and their own HDD... i can't image all 6 components being bad to make them both fail at the same place

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    Erz Guest
    Have you try to "Rebuild Database" via recovery menu? Try that first, after that try update the data

  8. #8
    BlackStallion Guest
    the rebuild database doesn't work..

    says "system storage cannot be accessed" but that's because the hard drive is formatted.. that's the only way i can get to the service menu is if i format it. other than that it asks me to update. if i do it gets stuck in the loop and the service menu can't be accessed.

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    Erz Guest
    May I know what type your formatted HDD is (NTFS or FAT32?)

    Try to do this, first backup your USB and format it to FAT32, copy ps3 update file only "USB\PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP" and plug your USB on the most Right Slot (near HDD) in your PS3. If you still in 3.55 then I suggest use 3.55 OFW first to update it.

    Then try to update it via Recovery Menu. Hope this help

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    BlackStallion Guest
    hard drive is formatted to NTFS.. but requires format when you put into PS3 regardless. both USB's i have are in fat32. and im incapable of getting to 3.55 because the PS3 will ONLY recognize data on the stick that is 4.31. anything lower and it says like "no applicable data was found"

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