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Thread: PS3 Update loop help?

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    windrider42 Guest
    Yes I know the errors will occur after you press the START if the clip is not seated correctly.

    Was just giving some tips out that people have used to get the clip seated properly.

    Or clean contacts on Nor and E3 Clip with Isopropyl alcohol 70% sometimes will fix it.

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    BlackStallion Guest
    i fixed it.. turns out it was a bluray issue.. after all that BS i went through.. ive narrowed it to being either the laser or the BD control board..

    i ended up getting my PS3 back from a friend (also the same model #) so i swapped out the usb slots, the power supply, wifi sensor and BD and it updated perfectly... now my issue is that the drive wont read discs even with a good drive.. i think that may be a connection problem though with the ribbon.

    thanks to all you guys for your help.. please keep this open in case i have any more issues in the next couple days..

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    windrider42 Guest
    Well you can use this guide to troubleshoot a bit more:

    At least you got it updated and the problem narrowed down.

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    BlackStallion Guest
    very much so.. just ordered a new laser.. i figured out why the disks weren't reading.. i believe it was because the PS3 was same model number but only 1 of the 2 drives sent was the right one that is used in the CECHK-01. the other drive goes to another console.

    should be receiving the new laser soon in a about a week. please keep post open until then so i can update it.

    THANK YOU ALL for the help.. and big thanks to akimizaki, and hilongo for the Bluray suggestions in the very beginning. all you guys are awesome.

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    BlackStallion Guest
    waiting on the new bluray laser to arrive... just bought the laser.. not the entire track.. i usually just get the tray and put it in the drive. but i'm trying it with just the laser this time to see how it goes.. hopefully this takes care of this long chain of events.

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    BlackStallion Guest
    got the laser installed and no difference... hardware is my strongpoint not software.. so now my problem lies with the update data i used.. given it was not a Sony official update.. now that im at the XMB, the bluray wont read.

    in addition to this. i AM now able to get a NOR dump but im getting a dump with 3 files and the .log file. now when i enter the next step of the downgrade tut, im getting a "cant read SD card" error. WTF is going on guys!.

    could all this be the result of not using an official firmware!?

    the NOR dump files i get are


    the error i get is 01001000 which means "failed to read files in TF card" says "SD card not seated properly / Can't find bkpps3.bin (Check its file name)"

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    DEUSC2D Guest
    Read: (if you have updated the flasher or recently purchased one you will see three backups on the microSD card bkpps30.bin, bkpps31.bin & bkpps32.bin and the e3flasher text log file). I always used the samsung update I never ran into 3 dumps. Rename one of them to bkpps3.bin since that is the file name the E3 is looking for. Make sure SD pins are making contact.

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    BlackStallion Guest
    well i'm getting pissed because i'm following a video i found and doing everything the same and i'm getting this stupid error about the card. and this guys not renaming anything. hes got 3 files also and it works perfect.. i don't know why i'm having so many problems.

    thanks for your help.. ANY is welcome

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