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Thread: PS3 Update from 4.30 CFW help?

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    unreal4 Guest

    PS3 Update from 4.30 CFW help?


    I was using my PS3 Slim with no problem with 4.30 CFW (not rebug i think) until i see a lot of games want newer version of CFW now.

    I have searched a lot of guide for updating CFW but i am really really confused now. I saw some term like DEX, REX, Rogero, Rebug, Habib etc.. I dont know which one should i download.

    I only play games on PS3 nothing else. I think 4.46 is enough for me now, right?

    Can you help me about that? I dont want to do anything wrong.

    Here is the situation on my PS3 now:

    4.30 CFW
    multiman 04.18.00

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    metzen Guest
    Hello Unreal,

    Sounds like you should be able to update to 4.50. <- this is just my suggestion as 4.53 is still being tweaked worked on.

    As far as which ver cfw to choose I can only suggest from what I've used / experienced.

    There are many current developers on here that have cfw's out. I recommend Rogero. Now updating can either be done by XMB or Safe Mode (PS3 Menu with many options such as rebuild database).

    If you have more questions please don't hesitate to reply back.

    Others please feel free to add anything that I might have missed out as I'm sure it will help him decide.

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