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Thread: PS3 Unbricking question help?

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    Dominator7 Guest

    Question PS3 Unbricking question help?

    Can I unbrick a 60GB fat console that was bricked by waninkoko (v3.40 - if I remeber right) with progskeet? I don't have any backup of the NAND, though. Is that necessary or is it generic for all the consoles?

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    BluRay Guest
    I believe you'll need to use Dongles to get into Factory Service Mode to recover it without NAND dump.

    Actually, Wani's brick makes your PS3 not even read the USB port. Anyway, I found this:

    1) A NAND Dumper
    2) CORE_OS_PACKAGE.PKG patched to remove signature checks or Official Core OS/PS3 in Service Mode
    3) A NAND Flasher
    4) Flow Rebuilder
    5) Hex editor
    6) PS3 with firmware less than 3.55

    OK, so you first have to dump both NAND chips (2 128MB NANDs for a total of 256MB) and interleave them using Flow Rebuilder, then decrypt the CORE_OS package to give you a raw core OS image, then open your combined NAND dump in a hex editor and search for “6F FF E0″ in the search for hex section. Once there, you should see:
    00000000 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 6f ff e0 |………….o..|
    00000010 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 17 00 00 00 00 00 6f ff e0 |………….o..|
    Right after the second “6F FF E0″, remove the next 7,340,000 bytes, then, insert the unpacked Core OS (7,340,000 bytes). Then split the image using Flow Rebuilder (use ECC!) and flash. Hopefully it should work, and then you can just Lv2diag your way out.

    Do not overwrite anything else.

    This guide should help you fix any NAND console with Core OS fail.

    It seems to be quite simple, so I don't see any reasons to not give this a try.

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    Dominator7 Guest
    Thank you! I will try and understand what I need. The console is on 3.55 exactly, I hope it is compatible. I believe that the core os package is somewhere on the net? I don't have another 60GB version PS3 to take the dump myself. The only thing I have trouble understanding is the hardware I will need. If I am not mistaken, I'll need the following: ProgSkeet v1.1 PCB, ADAPTOR PCB PROGSKEET and NAND clips (I don't want to solder).

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    daveshooter Guest
    Guys, forgive if I'm being a tool, due to not being around over the last 6 months or so, but I was on the understanding that all cfw regardless of what ver it say it is, is based on the OFW 3.55, so I'm thinking all you have to do is us a MFW with the ver higher than the one your crashed on.

    In other words mod the 3.41 downgrade to fool the PS3 into thinking its a 3.41 upgrade. Do you have the E3 usb downgrade as I believe that would do it using above idea.

    But sorry if I mistaken. Sorry my above statement is was a little incorrect, there is the lower cfw's, but I meant CFW/MFW above 3.55, like yours is and because of that you can repair with a E3 usb, without taking the lid off.

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    Dominator7 Guest
    I haven't purchased anything yet and the console is on 3.55 waninkoko bricked. I guess I will give it to a local service center to do the job, it's cheaper than E3 or progskeet anyway! This thread can close, as far I am concerned, thank you all.

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