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Thread: PS3 Turns off, now Red light blinking help?

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    saito1234 Guest

    PS3 Turns off, now Red light blinking help?

    My PS3 suddenly turns off while I've played MGS4, and now when I turn it on the LED becomes green for a sec, after that yellow for a sec, and only blinking red light follows (while the console turns off). The red light is blinking until I power it off completely...

    The console wasn't overheated, my temps were around 65/55 C, so it should be perfectly fine. What can be the problem??

    It's a FAT 40 GB PS3. Please help!

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    niwakun Guest

    Probably its GPU related or maybe the southbridge since youre temps are fine as you stated there. sent it to someone who can reball it. dont even bother reflowing it.

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    saito1234 Guest
    So I can get a YLOD even if my temps are fine?...

    My console already had a YLOD around 2 years ago, and it was reballed (I think), back then it had Yellow LED, currently it's red blinking LED, you think it's the same problem again? I'm afraid if I fix it it will die again in 1-2 years

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    niwakun Guest
    who knows? maybe during the MGS4 gameplay, your temperatures gets hot where the BGA gets stressed and do break.

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    saito1234 Guest
    Well, I'm using Iris Manager, and I checked my temps, also the PS3 after it turned off, and it wasn't even warm (room temp: 24C), the CPU/GPU were 63 / 54 C.

    I don't know about BGA though.

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    niwakun Guest
    you can't really tell whats temp during gameplay since the thing you saw is a idle temps which wont help probably for diags. As of now, we cant tell what is the actual temperature of the PS3 while during load (while playing).

    Who knows, maybe your GPU temps gets as high as 80c during gameplay, you cant just see it fast enough since the delay during quit game to iris manager is 10-15seconds which is enough to cool down the processor specially if you live in cool temperate room.

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    saito1234 Guest
    Well, I understand your point, but wouldn't the fan go faster, if the temperature is too high?

    Especially with Iris Manager payload mode, that would be it's point, and it wasn't any faster/louder than it's as usually, but the PS3 just turned off suddenly

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    niwakun Guest
    I use Iris Manager's FCU to manual mode, setting 99-A0 (but my default is A0) at that rate, the fan would effectively dissipate the heat away from the console, even the excess heat from PS3's motherboard surface since the fan is just too strong ant it pulls out too much air.

    But the only thing that I noticed for that fan level only change based on CPU's temp, not the GPU. If its GPU is overheating (or failed), the console would just turn off, if CPU is overheating, it will give you a overheat warning on your game screen.

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    saito1234 Guest
    For me the automatic PayLoad mode used 0x60, while I was playing, and like that the CPU was around ~62C.

    It's highly possible that if it changes the fan speeds only based on the CPU, as you said my GPU become too hot suddenly, while playing MGS4, and as it didn't notice it the fan speed didn't increase any more. Possibly it would be a nice idea to implement the same thing for the GPU into Iris manager, so when there's a problem like this it could (maybe) help.

    By the way, my PS3 was repaired from a YLOD almost 2 years ago, since then it didn't have any problems, and I started to use Iris Manager first when I've started playing MGS4, I was happy how cool my PS3 is, and hoped there won't be any problems, and the second day this happened. Can there be any relations about the faster fan speed to the problem, or is it a total coincidence?

    My PS3 will be reballed next week, am I better off if I start to use it now already with Iris Manager, and use it always, so it keeps the PS3 more cool? Also, can I expect a longer life for it like that?

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