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    fedexx2 Guest

    PS3 turns on and off with no standby light help?

    Hi guys I really hope you can help me, my native language is spanish so excuse me if there's any mispelling.

    This Wednesday I was on CFW ROGERO V2, but surfing on the internet I found out that there was an update for my CFW. The 3.1 version of Rogero's. I tried to update to that version but when i got into service mode and started to install 3.55 OFW prior to ROGERO V3.1 my console turned off completely.

    There was no standby red light so I had to unplug the ps3 and plug it again. Then I turned it on and after 6 seconds it turned off again with no light. Is this a brick? Can it be repaired? Please someone help me!! I can't get into service mode now, what can I do?

    Thanks for your replies!

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    technodon Guest
    you will need a e3 flasher or progskeet to fix it and solder the nor tristate wire to make a nor dump

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