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Thread: PS3 turns on, no video or controller sync help?

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    BerserkLeon Guest

    PS3 turns on, no video or controller sync help?

    PS3 turns on, no video or controller sync.. And no recovery mode.

    This happened after replacing a few sprxs in dev_flash and running Secure File ID Dumper on 4.21 REX. Ps3 turns on like it's working but doesn't display anything, disc will eject and go back in if I want it to, controller wont sync even with a usb cable attached. I don't have a hardware flasher, so.. How can I solve this?

    Oh and I tried taking out the hard drive and booting to recovery that way, didn't work. It's a Fat btw, CECHL01. It was kind of lagging in Jet Set Radio, so, I'm not ruling out a hardware failure of some sort... It doesn't make the beeps to go into recovery no matter how many times i reboot it.

    I also tried tossing in a different HDD and it didn't seem to help.

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    cucu21 Guest
    You might have a brick or semi brick you need e3 to fix it i believe

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