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Thread: PS3 Trophy error (8002291B) help?

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    Paft Guest

    PS3 Trophy error (8002291B) help?

    I get a "registration of the trophy information could not be completed" (8002291B)


    -I have tried downloaded the update(s) for the game.
    -I have tried rebuilding the data base.
    -Turned of trophy notifications.
    -It does this on a fresh 1TB HDD I put in too.
    -New login account.

    I am on:

    multiMAN v04.50.02

    Should I just grab another release? The Euro is slightly cut anyway.

    I ended up nipping to town and buying Killzone 2 for 1.99. BTS is running, no trophy error either.

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    JustPs3 Guest
    i did have same problem Rogero.CEX.4.50.v1.00.CFW.PS3-ROGERO and this is what i did too make it work.. i did go back too REBUG 4.46.1 REX EDITION.

    hoping this info help you.

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