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    Question PS3 trophy error 8002291b help?

    PS3 trophy error 8002291b help?

    am trying to install games but with games like heavy rain and wwe trophy error :8002291b is coming

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    Create a new user and try again

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    No not working after making new user, in my xmb screen under game tab trophy is not available only.

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    Enter recovery mode & choose rebuild data base.

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    no after recovering database it did not worked

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    Then you need to update your CFW to Rebug (any Rebug CFW 3.55.2, 4.21 or 4.30.1) & delete your trophies, not all of them, just the
    games with trophy errors.

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    how to do that after installing rebug?

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    Install Rebug toolbox & apply rebug & debug settings then go to trophies, press triangle you'll find the the delete option, about changing
    in toolbox, in the second option you'll find XMB set on normal, change it to rebug & the second option change it from retail to debug.

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    it didn't help

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    If creating a new user didn't help there is mostly only one option left.

    Format your HDD properly, connect it to a PC and format it, the PS3 repair and format tools mostly never work !

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