So, I've been looking around everywhere for a way to migrate trophies earned from one account to another and found that it is impossible. I understand that the trophies are locked to the accounts and also rely on the save file actually existing. So, the idea and question is why isn't it possible to make a 1:1 copy of a PSN account. And if it is possible, how come nobody's done it?

The purpose of doing so is not to use other people's trophies, as most people like to assume. The real purpose would be to fix a banned account by merely replacing it.

If somebody's default account get's banned and this tool existed, one could simply resign the files (simple to do currently) so they work on the other account and also already have their previously unlocked trophies unlocked. They could sync up to Sony's servers and essentially have lost nothing but their old username.

I think it'd be a great tool, even if the use of it is basic.