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    elser1 Guest

    PS3 trophies won't sync help?

    my trophies won't sync.. it starts gets jammed up and then stop between 10 - 13% and get dns error 80710102. everything else works fine i can play online,download from psn etc.it all started when trying to sync a few trophies from mindjack.. any clues or ideas..

    tried for 2 days now, many times and tried compare trophy sync.. the trophies show up on my gamer cards etc and if a friend checks my account they are there. i just can't see them at the sync ned.. please help its driving me insane.. thanks


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    racer0018 Guest
    How Can You Easily and Quickly Fix PS3 Error 80710102?

    1. Under the general option/setting are of your console, open the ‘Network Settings.’

    2. The continually scroll down towards the ‘Internet Connection’ setting.

    3. During the first yes/no prompt, select ‘Yes.’

    4. Then make sure that you select ‘Custom.’

    5. If in case you are using a wired connection, then you have to select ‘Auto-Detect.’

    6. For wireless connection, enter the security type of your network followed by the network name and the password.

    7. For the ‘IP Address’ setting, you have to select ‘Automatic.’

    8. For the DHCP Host Name, select the option that says ‘Do Not Set.’

    9. The DNS setting should be set to ‘Manual.’

    10. For your Primary DNS, enter the following numbers –

    11. Your Secondary DNS should be –

    12. MTU should be placed on ‘Automatic.’

    13. Proxy server should also be ‘Do Not Use.’

    14. Have your uPnP ‘Enabled.’

    15. To save the settings, press the X button twice.

    See if this helps any. Thanks.

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    technodon Guest
    mine does that too, from a new hard drive to sync trophies i have to keep trying for an hour and half but then it finally syncs once they are loaded up i can sync trophies without receiving the errors. i'm on level 17 by the way and i have hundreds of games on my tophy list

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    elser1 Guest
    i'm level 19 and have 250 games on my list. it worked straight after i posted this thread..

    it was just mindjack i'd say as its worked for years properly except when syncing a new console to my account it takes 10hrs to sync but thats because of the 3000 trophies id say.


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