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Thread: Ps3 trojan

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    xxLindenxx Guest

    Ps3 trojan

    what if we sent a trojan into the ps3, the ps3 is kinda like a computer and like a computer you can pretty much get all the info you want out of it right ?

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    steven789 Guest
    and how would you make a ps3 run that trojan or even let it acces the hdd.

    pc has a registry which auto runs a trojan every time you boot your pc. ps3 probably hasn't..

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    Sublimewulf Guest
    Where would you download this to? if you have access to the PS3 HDD, please, elaborate!

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    S4scha87 Guest
    To create a trojan, you have to know all 'bout the system, and the PS3 is also not like a PC. There are a lot of differences like the registry for example, as steven789 said.

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    r3pek Guest
    i'm sorry to correct you guys but a PC doesn't have a registry. Windows does... Linux or *BSD does not. And not being able to run homebrew, how can one be able to run anything on the ps3 besides legal copies of anything? so, no go for a trojan atm..

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    madmark1 Guest
    i thought a trojan was somthing that allows backdoor access into a persons computer. how the hell would it work on ps3 and seeing as the i cant access system files how would they be able to do this?

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