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Thread: PS3 Ti84 & E3 Flasher help?

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    corim123 Guest

    PS3 Ti84 & E3 Flasher help?

    Alright so I'm a bit new to the flash downgrade scene but I'm not worried about it as I do RGH xbox 360s and such all the time and this is quite a bit more easy. I got my E3 since my primary market will be NOR based PS3s and my distributor said they would include a dongle but they can't guarantee it will work or something like that.

    In the event it doesn't function properly, is it still viable to use a Ti84 calculator to run PS3Jig and have it work with an e3 flasher? I've looked around a bit but have yet to see any definite answers. I know some people utilize their PSPs and so I see no reason why this won't work but I wanted to verify and make sure I've got it all figured out before I jump in.

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    racer0018 Guest
    You can use a ti84 plus for the downgrade jig. There are downloads for it. However you can get a downgrade dongle, the e3 card reader is one of them. As for the ps3 make sure that when you get one, make sure that it can be downgraded. Your best bet would one of the first slims or the late phats, like the 120 gig and 250gig slim. You can find some 160s and some 320s. Thanks

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    corim123 Guest
    Thanks. I knew I was shooting for the 2007-2010 range from the graphics and my first console is an older slim that I've already verified against the chart. I just wanted to make sure that wouldn't cause an issue.

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